Aras Warehouse

We, Aras Warehouses (Customs Bonded Warehouses), with the experience that dates back to many years and with its solution focused type “A” bonded warehouses, are providing our best services to business sectors of the present time such as but not limited to food industry, petrochemical industry, building construction industry, textile industry, paper industry, electronics, automotive sub-industry and many other fields with the licenses and authorization certificates we possess.

Security of our bonded warehouses is provided by private security staff working around the clock on 24/7 basis and the 36 cameras that are controlled under customhouse supervision.

One of our 5000 m2 bonded warehouses is equipped with a back to back shelf system. Palletized products of all sizes are stocked on the most modern shelf system.

Our bonded warehouses are fit for storage and preservation of all kinds of products, especially, dry food.

All of our bonded warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art sprinkling fire extinguishing system and an underground installed 200 ton water depot.

Our bonded warehouses are in compliance with the legal licenses and requirements for the storage of flammable, combustible and explosive products.

At our bonded warehouses, we store all kinds of bagged, pelletized, boxed, rolled, baled and barreled products as well as products of special packages.

Since the date of opening of our bonded warehouses, the total amount of the comprehensively insured commodities stored at the bonded warehouses is 150 Million ̈ worth and are insured by internationally renowned insurance companies.

Our customers are also provided with; • Quality control,
• Labeling or barcoding,
• Product combination,

• Repackaging,
• Handling of all sorts of commodities,

• Change of packaging,
• Treatment, fumigation and similar value-added services.

We adopt the followings as our principal objectives in the
warehousing industry:
• Adoption of working principles,
• Acting with the awareness and culture of a business partner,
• Approaching with high quality, fast, solution focused service provision, • Protection of product safety and health,

• Provision of accurate and simultaneous inventory follow-up.

Our company owns and operates forklifts, reach-trucks, mobile and fixed ramps as well as loader and conveyor belts in all sizes especially for unloading and loading all kinds of vehicles.

At our bonded warehouses, we execute all kinds of handling, transit trade, inward possessing operations, export registration, import and export as well as foreign trade transactions within the customs regime.

Aras Antrepoları (Customs Bonded Warehouses) provides its customers with safe and quality services due to its close position to the Port of Mersin, Mersin Free Trade Zone and the Customs Directorate.