Moving in a parallel line along with the growing and developing trade and technology all over the world, the need for and the importance of logistics and storage increases every passing day. This aspect become more evident, particularly, in international trade, and firms possessing better logistic possibilities and facilities are more advantageous than the other competitors.

Having products always stored under safe conditions in healthy environment under the most cost effective situations and making them delivered to the consumer in a manner that tracks the supply chain has become the most essential part of the trade practiced in the developing world.

Processing of the products which are subject matter to “inward processing”, “export-registered” and “transit trade” that are pertinent to foreign trade has convenience providing advantages in terms of cost and operational within customs bonded warehouses.

In line with the benefits and objectives listed above, we Aras Customs Bonded Warehouses serve our homeland and all our customers in a manner that effectively complements the customs products and meets the usage standards of both technology and modern age.


İsmet Aras

Chairman of Board